Amnesia Ibiza

Horizon presents Mathame

today 27 September 2024

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Horizon, the new melodic techno concept, presents Mathame NEO. 

Mathame, the Italian-brother duo, will be in Amnesia Ibiza on a summer resicency this season. From the 7th of June until the 5th of July and from the 13th September until September 27th, NEO will conquire the Amnesia Terrace with a new performace show. A residency of eight Fridays awaits, each a portal to a realm yet unexplored.

But what is ‘NEO’? There is still very little information about it for the moment and the only statement released by the duo of DJs, producers and electronic artists is that “NEO will be a unique experience of connection, almost spiritual”.

Begin 27 September 2024 H 23:00
End 28 September 2024 H 06:00
Link https://www.amnesia.es/en/party/horizon-presents-mathame-neo-
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