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Groundbreaking Nights In Ibiza
In the pulsating heart of San Antonio Bay, Eden Ibiza emerges as a colossus of the global electronic music scene, a cornerstone of Ibiza’s electrifying nightlife. Since its inception in 1999 and a transformative refurbishment in 2013, Eden has etched its legacy into the very fabric of the island’s history, becoming synonymous with groundbreaking nights, musical innovation, and an inclusive spirit that welcomes all.

Architects of Sound and Space
Eden Ibiza boasts an infrastructure designed to surpass the expectations of the most discerning clubbers. The venue is home to a sprawling main room and a smaller second room, equipped with its own entrance, ensuring a diverse clubbing experience. Central to its acclaim is the Incubus Gold by Void sound system, a testament to Eden’s commitment to acoustic excellence, providing an unmatched auditory experience on the island. With facilities including dual DJ booths, multiple bars, a vast dance floor, and exclusive VIP areas, Eden Ibiza stands as a beacon of modern clubbing, crafted to cater to the high expectations of the global community of clubbers visiting Ibiza every year.

A Stage for the Best DJs In The World
Eden’s roster features a constellation of music industry luminaries such as Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Disclosure, and many more, making it a pivotal platform in the global music scene. Yet, its vision extends beyond hosting icons; Eden is a nurturing ground for emerging talents, positioning itself as a catalyst for the future of music. The club’s eclectic sound spectrum and commitment to innovation have established it as the premier destination for those in pursuit of discovering new sounds and the next generation of musical legends.

An Unmissable Ibiza Experience
Located in San Antonio, Eden Ibiza is the closest super club to Ibiza’s legendary sunsets. Each evening, after the sun casts its final magical golden glow over the island, 1000’s of people transition to the electrifying dance floors of Eden. With over two decades of experience, Eden Ibiza has mastered the art of capturing this magical feeling and extending it late into the night to offer an unmatched clubbing experience. Eden Ibiza is the ultimate destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the true spirit of Ibiza’s nightlife.

Championing Innovation and Artist Rights
Leading the charge in the fusion of technology and music, Eden Ibiza has embraced its role as the world’s premier data-driven club. The integration of Music Recognition Technology (MRT) marks a pivotal leap forward, ensuring artists are recognised and rewarded for their contributions. This initiative enhances the clubbing experience and heralds a new era of fairness and transparency in the music industry, solidifying Eden’s commitment to supporting the creators who are the backbone of the electronic music landscape.

The Future of Music, Experienced Today
Eden Ibiza is not merely a venue; it is an institution dedicated to the evolution of music and club culture. As it looks towards another electrifying season, Eden invites music lovers and clubbers to be part of a movement that celebrates innovation, champions emerging talent, and sets new standards in the music and nightlife industry. At Eden, the future of music is not only heard; it’s lived.

Location Eden Ibiza
Country Spain
Address Carrer Salvador Espriu
City Sant Antoni de Portmany
Phone +34 659 59 23 36
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