Hot Since 82 victim of a kidnapping attempt in Brazil

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The English DJ and producer Hot Since 82 was the victim of a kidnapping attempt in Brazil. A high-speed chase ensued on the highway, as they attempted to escape from assailants armed with AK47 assault rifles.

The head of the label “Knee Deep In Sound Music” narrowly avoided the worst. A heavily armed group wielding AK47 assault rifles pursued the English DJ Hot Since 82. The driver was heroic and managed to elude the kidnappers after a lengthy chase in the wrong direction on the highway.

Hot Since 82, who is expecting a baby in less than 6 weeks, posted a lengthy message on his Instagram account to explain what happened to him. He strongly implies, quite understandably, that he probably won’t be returning to Brazil.


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Une publication partagée par Hot Since 82 (@hotsince82)

Hey, guys.
I’m just announcing why I won’t be making the warung festival today in Kurokiba and the Time Warp festival.
Later on today as well. Yeah.
I’m feeling a little bit broken right now.
Just feeling very lucky to be alive.
We left the club at 5 a.m., still dark, ten minutes into the car journey to the airport.
We’ve been followed and pursued by a gang of jackers. Murderers.
I don’t know what they are.
Waving AK 47 seconds with full magazines at us. They’ve.
Well, we’ve been set up.
They knew exactly where we were, what car and exactly where we were going to be, at which time.
Which leads me to believe that we were set up.
If it wasn’t for the heroic maneuvers of our driver, I don’t even know if we’d be alive right now.
I really don’t.
We had to.
We were on a busy motorway. Pitch black.
The car in front have pressed the brakes for us to stop.
And then the people hung out of the car windows with balaclavas and AK 47 seconds.
Our driver has put the car in reverse.
We’ve been flying down a busy motorway and going the wrong way, weaving in and out of cars.
If the AK 47 shooters didn’t get us, then we’re lucky that we didn’t have a really bad car crash because we’re weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, going 60 70mph with the car full of AK 47 following us.
They were adamant they were going to get us.
They wouldn’t stop.
We’ve had to go miles and miles down the motorway in reverse to try to get away from the the shooters.
Obviously, as you can imagine, it was like a scene from Fast and Furious and giggling about it.
But I’m f*****g broken inside like that’s you makes you lose faith in humanity knowing that someone has told these shooters where we’re going to be someone that I’ve seen maybe tonight, or I’ve had to change hotel rooms and, I booked the first flight out of here.
And to be honest, I don’t even know when I’m.
If I’ll ever come back to Brazil.
Now, I sympathize with the people of Brazil that have to live their daily life like this in fear.
Leaving a club, leaving, going to a club, just DJing should be about happiness and bringing joy to people’s lives.
Not not leaving the club and wondering Will I get home safe?
You know I have children at home.
My wife’s about to deliver our next baby in six weeks time.
I can’t risk being being in a position like like this.
It’s not worth it.
No DJ show off is is worth it.
And, I’ve had such a wicked time here in Rio as well.
People are amazing, man.
I like, really sympathize with the people of Brazil that, like I said, have to live the daily life like this.
It’s not fair.
Humanity is cruel, man.
Like it makes you lose faith in humanity.
And that’s where I am right now.
Feeling a bit emotional, but I am f*****g broken.
So I’m out of here and I apologize.
But safety first.

Written by: David

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